FTP Help
For the purpose of sharing important documents and other electronic files, DIS offers FTP (File Transfer Protocol). If you need assistance transferring files via FTP, please read the instructions below. If you are a DIS client and you need further assistance, please call us at 775-359-3333 and ask to speak with your account representative.
IE 7 and Windows Explorer
Open IE 7 and enter your FTP address and hit the Enter button.
At the upper right corner, click on the Page button.
Select "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer".
Windows Explorer will open.
In the menu button, click File > Login As.
Enter your username and password and click OK
Internet Explorer 5 thru 6
In the menu bar, click on Tools > Internet Options > Advanced.
Under "Browsing" click on Enable Folder View for FTP Sites.
Scroll down and click "Use Passive FTP".
Click OK.

Click your "Click here to login" link. IE will open. When prompted, enter you password.
You may drag and drop your files to and from the IE window after login is complete.
Mozilla Firefox
If you are using Mozilla Firefox you can add the FireFTP ftp client to your browser.
CLICK HERE to visit the FireFTP website.
Click the Download FireFTP link.
If Firefox blocks the install, click "Edit Options" at the top left of the web page.
Click "Allow" in the Allow Software dialogue box.
Click the Close button.
On the Fire FTP web site and click the Download FireFTP link again.
Click the Install button.
After installation, click the Restart Firefox button.
When Firefox re-opens, click Tools > FireFTP.
Click the Manage Accounts button on the left and select New.
Enter Account name (example: DIS).
Enter ftp.dis-inc.com as the Host.
Enter your username and password and click OK.
Your new account will appear in the pull down menu.
Click Connect.
You drag and drop or use the file browsing menus to upload and download files.
FTP Software
Here are a list of FTP clients that can be used for transferring files to and from DIS. Setup instructions are included with each software.